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There are no strangers on Tin Can,
just friends you haven’t met yet!

Voice calls with like-minded people without preconceived notions.
Start talking and connecting!

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Just like that simple string that connected two cans
to make a tin can phone,
Tin Can aims to connect people and their hearts.


Your name, looks, and social status aren’t the focus.
Rather your thoughts, feelings, and genuine stories are what matter.

You will have a warm community to turn to and empathize with whenever you’re feeling lonely or need to be connected. 🧶

1on1 Talk, Blind Talk, Group Talk, Direct Talk

How to talk to on Tin Can

Anonymous Space

Your name, look, and social status aren’t the focus. Emotional connection and chemistry first.

"When you feel safe, you can open your profile!" 
intimate talk

On a boring day or sleepless night.

Instead of swiping the photo, have good conversation!

"You might find your Soulmate~" 
Group talk, making friends, group chat

Endless conversation in front of a bonfire?

Deep talk with like-minded people? 

"Find a new connection on
a deeper level on Tin Can!" 
anonymously express your feeling, thought and daily life

Capture your emotions and thought with picture, text and your Voice!

"Let it out from your heart.
You are not alone anymore!" 


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Become a Student Ambassador
and build a community with us

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