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Are You Lonely?

Ease Your Loneliness Now!

Loneliness is one of those things that are very real and a lot of people go through it, but it’s not talked about enough. This leads people to feel like it’s not something worth talking about. Some find it as some sort of weakness when it’s not. It’s alright to feel lonely, it’s a part of life and we have to be okay when we do feel it. Know that it is okay to feel lonely, and know that you’re not alone.

Also know that loneliness looks from person to person. Some isolate themselves in hopes to recharge, some surround themselves with more people to try and feel less alone, while others may go about their day just as usual, bottling up their feelings. If these worked out for you, then that’s great, but if it doesn't, know that there are a few more ways that you can try to alleviate the loneliness that you feel.

1. Small steps, small goals

Start with where you are right now. Be honest, not where you want to be or where you think you should be, just where you are now. If you’re not sure, it’s okay, we’re not always expected to know everything. I know I don't. Look around you, what do you see? Are you in your room? Is your bed fixed? If not, then maybe you you want to fix it now? Or are there coffee mugs you haven't cleared from your work desk? Maybe you want to clear that out now? And then from here, you can build up small goals. Or maybe you’ve always been very closed in nature, how do you feel about trying to go out and try to form connections with people? Or just a person, as a small step.

2. Positive Relationship with Yourself

We know about affirmations, know that you’re amazing, you’re loved, and you deserve more than you think you do. Now it’s time for you to actually believe these things! A good self-relationship also means you know when something is too much or not enough. Knowing when to stop, to take care of yourself, and the desire to know yourself. Also, know that it’s okay to mess up sometimes, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Accept it’s a trial and error world and you can always learn from these things.

3. Do things that Interest and Inspires you

Find something new to try, or look for things that could spark your curiosity. Do you have any fixations? Even short-term fixations are okay. It doesn't have to be something big or important. It can be something that others might find silly or odd, as long as it’s something that piques your interest. What is something that fascinates you? It could be something like “how colors of the sunset blend so beautifully” or “How can fish survive against the strong pressure of Mariana's Trench?” The goal here is to find that spark in you that makes you want to see more.

4. Connection Finding

It is said that doing things that give you purpose, well… gives you a sense of purpose. You might find yourself more eager to join organized activities when it serves a purpose within things you find interest in. Volunteering, specialty clubs, etc. Chances are when you’re part of a group you’re actually interested in, the better the chance you have to be around people with the same interests.

5. Relate to People

The thing about loneliness is that surrounding yourself with the wrong people can make you feel lonelier. It’s best to be around people you’re comfortable with. Best find like-minded people, but being with people who are open and make for good conversations without making you uncomfortable is a good start.

Now, I say “find” but how? “Put yourself out there” is easier said than done. Going back to (1) small steps & small goals, one might benefit by trying out new things and branching out little by little. Start with people you already know, don't drop friendships you don't need to, but also don’t force anything, just let it be. When good conversation and comfortability flow, it’ll be. Be willing to know people and be interested in people. Take that step and may that lead you to people who you can relate and feel safe with.

6. Go out & connect to nature

Human connection isn’t the only connection you have to make. If being around people is too much for you, then you can start with being at peace with nature. People aren't the only ones you can be curious about, if you find yourself more curious and driven to be in nature, then go for it. Maybe you’re one to feel more at peace and recharge better when you’re alone in nature… and who knows, maybe you find someone who feels at peace in nature too and that could be something you can talk about.

7. Helpful Technology

We’re in the age of technology and sometimes things online can be a little too overwhelming. While it’s true that technology and the internet have their part in contributing to the loneliness that some people feel, it has its own pros as well. With the right mindset and self-control, we can use it to somehow alleviate the loneliness that we feel. Hesitant to actually go out and meet people? How do you feel about taking the step to talk to people online first? The good thing about it is you have control over the information you put out and even choose to stay anonymous if that makes you feel safer.

What if it doesn’t work?

If none of these work for you, don't lose hope. Remember that everyone experiences loneliness differently and that also means that one thing that works for someone won’t work for everyone. The important thing is you’re not giving up, not giving up on the hope, and not giving up on yourself. If you try one thing and it starts really well but ends up making you feel lonely again, don't beat yourself up. You can always try again. Keep trying.


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