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Be Interested in People!

How to have better conversations?

Has this ever happened to you?

There’s a topic you wanted to talk about, but couldn’t because of the looming possibility of it becoming an overblown argument?

I’ll be straight to the point, we live in a generation wherein every conversation has a tendency to become an argument, and even the most trivial topics can have people fighting for it and against it, everything has become “controversial.” We have become very divided and less likely to compromise, which means we're not listening to each other. A conversation requires a balance between talking and listening, but we’ve made it that once we hear something we disagree with initially, we leave and make assumptions without even listening to the whole thing.

What could be the reason?

Part of that could be due to technology. In this mobile generation, we’re in very close proximity to something that could either build us or destroy us, smartphones. We all have specific things we already like and believe in, and having easy access to only specific topics we are interested in, we can search for them. And due to how algorithms work, (if we ever figure that out), it will keep feeding us with topics that only relate to the ones we already show interest on, because once it gives you something that you are even the slightest bit not interested in, you could possibly leave and social media doesn't want that.

Another reason could be that we want to be the center of attention ALL THE TIME. There is nothing wrong with seeking attention, but only ever thinking of oneself with no regard for others is rather selfish. How are we to grow when we only surround ourselves with agreeable things? Sadly, it has become a superficial “Me” world, which honestly could be rectified by listening and actually being interested in what others have to say.

You can talk to both people you like and dislike. You can talk to people that whom you disagree deeply on a personal level. There will be times when our opinions will differ, but that doesn't mean we have to cause a scene, attack, or humiliate each other. We can calmly speak our reasons and listen to the other party. If in the end, you still don’t see eye to eye, then you can compromise. You might have not ended on the note either of you wanted, but you can still have a great conversation.


That’s what we want on Tin Can, a place where you can freely express your thoughts, a place where you can openly talk about things, and where you can hold a conversation. It doesn’t have to be anything heavy or complicated, it could just be mundane everyday things. The important thing is you listen to each other!

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