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What Are We Trying to Liberate Ourselves From?

Free yourself from your own mind.

Often than not, we bottle up a lot of things, our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Keeping these to ourselves affects us more than we know. Because of these, we might find ourselves in the position of looking at life as if it were dull.

Being an audio-based mobile platform that hopes to emotionally connect like-minded people through talking and expressing their thoughts through audio, call, and text, Tin Can set off to look for inspiration and happen to stumble upon a Netflix Korean Drama Series titled “My Liberation Notes.”

"My Liberation Notes" is a Korean drama about three siblings tired of their monotonous everyday life, hoping to find some kind of fulfillment, release, and relaxation.

The youngest sibling, Yeom Mi-Jeong (Kim Ji-won), works for a company that recommends their employees join a company club. The Yeom siblings live far away from the city, that’s the reason Mi-Jeong has been giving to avoid joining one. However, if we dig deeper into her story through her inner monologues, we’ll soon know that it’s so much deeper than that.

In the drama, Mi-Jeong overhears her coworkers calling her a good and diligent worker, but as a person in general, she's quite bland. Little do they know that this sibling ponders about life quite deeply. Her introversion sometimes gets in the way of her emotional expression, as she tends to keep to herself and keep all her thoughts bottled up. She does well in her work and life, but still, finds it quite boring. She knows that to reach her goal of a “colorful” life, she’ll have to step out and do something about it.

The great thing about her is that she does know what she wants and it’s only a matter of finding the people who understand her and relate with her. She ends up making a new company club called the “Liberation Club.”

In the Liberation club, they share their innermost thoughts, experiences, stories, and emotions. In the club, they share, talk, and listen without judgment.


Tin Can hopes to be like The Liberation Club. A place where you can talk about your day, your problems, your experiences, your struggles, and anything you want to talk about. A place you can comfortably share and not be judged. A place where the people you’re talking with respect your decisions. If they want advice to get through their struggles, then others can give suggestions. But if they just want to talk to someone, to feel heard, then that should be observed as well. Talking is a way of unwinding and de-stressing after a long day, try it! Free yourself from your mind on Tin Can.

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Have you watched My Liberation Notes? Did you find it relatable? Have you ever thought of liberating yourself from your mind before?

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