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Emotional Connection over Physical Attraction

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Is Tin Can like Netflix- Love Is Blind’s Pods?

With Tin Can 2.0’s pivot to connecting people through conversation and sharing their stories, thoughts, and emotion without preconceived notions and without the visual distraction, Team Tin Can’s Slack workspace was filled with different ways of inspiring that pivot. One that stood out was Netflix’s Love Is Blind, because the final episode for it’s 2nd season just finished airing a few days ago.

Do note that “Love Is Blind being a dating reality television show, we’re obviously to expect drama and tea for added story and flare. The whole premise of the experiment is to see if it can bring people together by getting to know them first by their interests, personality, and other things that they were willing to talk about, while only hearing each other. They’re placed in different “pods” separated from each other by a wall. Essentially, they couldn’t see each other and really only has their voice and stories to go by. How the series would progress is knowing each other through talking without seeing each other, get engaged, see each other for the first time, and then go on a trip to better know each other, and then see if they still want to get married after all that.

It goes down a whole different loop as you progress further into the series, but that’s beside the point. What caught our attention is during the first few days, show members try to find a match and build emotional connection without even seeing each other. Seeing that, reminded us how free one could be, how open you could get when you talk to someone without worrying how they’d perceive you because of how you look. This way, you could also filter out the people that you don’t like, conversation-wise. Like that one time where some of the members were asking about the other’s physical attributes and making assumptions on races and such, if you don’t want that, you can always opt out to talking to them again or just… leave.

Tin Can strives to be that Pod; that safe space where you can comfortably and creatively be you. Connecting and getting to know someone better by talking and sharing your innermost thoughts and emotions. This doesn’t only cover romantic relationships, but encompasses all kinds of relationships. The superficial images might matter and sway our opinions in the real world, but let Tin Can be a place where you can retreat into; a space without preconceived notions, where you can be as honest and as raw as you can be.

Have you watched Love is Blind? How’d you find it? Was it enjoyable? Or is it a skip for you? Let us know and get in touch with us on our social media channels:

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