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Talk Friends from a Single Hello!

Get from small talk to meaningful conversations!

We’ve always aspired for Tin Can to be a place where people can find others they can talk, communicate, and express their thoughts freely without being judged superficially. With that in mind, a wonderful read from Psypost landed on our team channel titled:

People underestimate how much they would enjoy conversation with a stranger, study finds

It writes about a study where they test out people's belief that conversations would get dull over time. People have concerns that after striking up a conversation it would inevitably sour over time and become awkward. Reading on, they proved it wrong and that people actually do report having a satisfactory to enjoyable time after their conversation.

Why would people think that conversations would get dull over time? 🤔

Conversation is such a vital part of everyday life, it keeps us social and connected. However, we’ve disregarded even that. We live in a fast-paced world where "Hi" and "Hello" are the same as "How are you doing?" At first glance, well, first listen, it sounds rather lovely, but even these greetings have become surface level today. We don't give enough time to know people, to be curious, but could it also be because for a long time, we haven't spoken to someone who seemed to resonate with us?

Slow down and greet 🤝

Hello there! How are you doing?

…and mean it. This kind of conversation these days is called “small talk” and a lot of people don’t like these small talks because they’re “uninsightful” “tedious” or “pointless.” With how we treat this phrase, then yes it might be true, but try to be present and actually be interested in knowing how they are doing, and listen to what they have to say, we'd be surprised to know that a simple greeting can give us so much insight to someone's daily life. Most people prefer deep and meaningful conversations to superficial ones, but how do you get there? Instead of anticipating how the interaction would just die down, why don't we put in a little effort and sincerity in getting to know someone or get to know someone better? How they are, how they feel, and why they feel that way. Ask them and you might come to realize that you have more things in common, you have something to take from their stories, or their life is quite relatable to yours.


Tin Can strives to spread awareness about the benefits of setting more time for talking with people. A place where you can express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without the fear of being judged superficially. Connecting people through experience and daily stories regardless of physical features, background, and attainments. We hope that you can meet and talk with like-minded people who relate to you and hopefully find emotional connectivity by talking, being present, and letting your nature of wanting to connect with people run.


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