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Looking for Yourself & Your People?

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Why indeed?

I was wondering why I’ve always wanted to fit in instead of being what I wanted to be. At first, I thought I was just different, that no one thought like me. Then I started meeting people who thought and saw the world like me, maybe not completely, but relatively. But wait, if there’s like, 3 or 5 of us, there has to be more, right? Why don’t we hear from them? Ah, it’s probably because we live in an all-for-one, one-for-all world.

All for one, one for all.

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Solidarity, beautiful. Human as we are we want to be part of a group, to fit in. But have you ever thought that taken to its extremes, this mentality can prevent individuality?

Sometimes we’ve become too accustomed to being surrounded by people regardless of whether we agree with them or not. While there are definitely others brave enough to voice their thoughts, there are those who aren’t. Now, I do not speak on behalf of all who don't speak their mind, I only speak for those who share my thoughts.

Cancel Culture and Trends

Cancel culture is so rampant that we’re afraid of speaking our thoughts for fear of, well, being canceled. Let me paint you a picture. Trends. How are trends made trends? A lot of factors really, but basically being liked by the majority, that’s how trends are. How is the majority made? Someone likes it, and the people around them actually like it too, so there’s now a group of people who likes it. They made it popular, nothing wrong with that. More people get a whiff of that and sadly, regardless of whether they do like it or not, they hang on to it because it’s natural for us to want to be part of a crowd, again, nothing wrong with it, just sad that we can't be more honest with people.

Why can't we be more honest? Now here’s the thing, something happens when the crowd gets too big. Bullying. It sounds childish, but it happens daily even to adults, in extreme forms. You don't think like us? Then you’re not like us. You can't be like us. Social isolation. Our Connection-seeking nature doesn't want that and so we do not want to share our thoughts. Especially around people who you need to see every day, family, friends, office mates.

Now let me paint you another picture. You want to scream and shout, let it all out. Very worst-case scenario, but that’s how we feel a lot of times, isn’t it?

We can't talk about being overwhelmed, anxious, sad, lonely, and depressed because for others those are weaknesses. We don't want to be looked down upon. We want to look flawless, perfect like we belong.


On Tin Can, find your tribe, your people, people that share the same thoughts as you. You will encounter people who do not hold the same beliefs and values as you, once you do (unless they’re going against app guidelines) try to listen to them and if it’s still something you don’t want to be a part of, just leave them alone. Use Tin Can as a place to find people who think like you, not people who think differently and attack them. A place where people with different thoughts and beliefs can exist without constantly butting heads with each other. Peaceful debates and “challenges” can be conducted for further understanding of others’ opinions as long as they’re consensual and not used to attack specific people. Why do we tear other people down just to be on top? Tin Can strives to be a place where we can relax, unwind, and just be ourselves.

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