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Did You Know That Talking Is A Great Way To Relax?

Talking relieves stress!

In the Netflix Korean drama “My Liberation Notes,” the eldest sibling, Yeom Gi-Jeong (Lee El), says out loud. (Season 1 | Episode 2 | 43:00~)

I just want to get a call from anyone and talk about anything. I don't want to just say things to feel like I exist. I want to talk to relax. A conversation... words that make you feel relaxed.

I think her exclamation was very relatable. The exasperation she felt as she said that was very evident. Is this relatable to you as well?

She spoke out about a lot of things that she disliked, but when asked what she liked, she didn't know what she liked exactly. She's gone through life talking a lot, as she is very social, however, she feels as if she's never said what she actually wanted to say. What she wants is a meaningful conversation with someone.

We live through our daily lives trying to fit in our society, doing our best to please the ones around us while trying to survive. We sometimes have to compromise and blend in with people we do not necessarily agree with and vice versa. This can sometimes make us feel restrained and restricted.

Have you ever felt like you were boxed up and the only way to somehow release that tension is by talking? Just like Yeom Gi-Jeong, we too want a meaningful conversation with someone who understands us and sees the world as we do. It doesn’t even always have to be anything of significance or important, just to have a conversation with someone, to relax, to pour and refresh our minds.

Talking and having conversations is one great way to unwind and relax. Try it for yourself and see!


When you got no one to talk with around you or got no one to call you, hop on to Tin Can. As an audio-based mobile platform, Tin Can hopes to emotionally connect like-minded people through talking and expressing their thoughts and emotions through call, audio, and text. Relax and unwind in a safe and comfortable space free of superficial judgment.

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Have you watched My Liberation Notes? Did you find it relatable? Have you ever just wanted to talk to anyone about anything to relax?

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