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🧶The New Tin Can🥫

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Tips, tricks, and new features

On Tin Can your name, looks, and social status aren’t the focus. You know what matters? Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

We’ve been so focused on visual attributes and on other people’s approval. So we go out of our way to look as presentable and as lovable as we can and don on masks and personas that don’t necessarily reflect us. But don’t you want to be accepted, to be genuinely loved for being “You” or the “You” you want to be? On Tin Can, you can be you!

Let Tin Can be your daily journal where you keep audio reflections. It can be a stage for you to share music, poetry, and art. A space for you to talk about everything — from your deepest thoughts and feelings to funny and embarrassing moments. We hope for you to create friendships that are free of superficiality and judgement here on Tin Can. On a boring day or on sleepless nights, you will have an accepting community to turn to and empathize with whenever you’re feeling the weight of the world in your chest and just want to let it all out.

Here are ways you can connect on Tin Can!

1on1 Talk — Personal and Friendly Conversation. 🥫🗣🧶🗣🥫

1on1 Talk on Tin Can lets you meet new friends in a closed, more personal place. Talk one-on-one with someone whose personality you can vibe with and see where that connection takes you.

Find interesting people to talk with through their conversation topic and start a 1on1 Talk! Being audio-based on Tin Can, you’ll be able to meet people without the pressure of pre-conceived notions and judgements. If you are looking for a closer, more comfortable space of instant connection, try 1on1 Talk!

Group Talk — Your Stage 📢🧶👂

Want to be part of a community or host your own talk show? Group Talk is just for you! You can talk, listen, and chat all day with people who share your interests, dreams, and music. Talk about love and relationship, latest gossips, anything and everything you can think about! You can host your own show or join someone else’s on Tin Can. If you have something to say, it doesn’t matter where you are — just start Talking!

Audio Track — Your Own Personal Record 📓🎙

Tin Can is your own personal archive of “You!”

Capture your emotions through audio. There are no rules on how to use it. You can record anything that means something to you. Whether it’d be singing a song, reading an original poem, sending love letters to your partner, or just simply talking about what happened today. Tin Can is all about YOU. It’s a space for you to be yourself and for new friends to fall in love with you through your audio stories. Want to keep a personal diary for your ears only? You also have the option to keep your Tracks private!

We all have plans and dreams, Tin Can has too. In a world filled with people whose eyes are on you, we want to be the comfort ground who lends an ear and listens. You can be You or you can be who You want to be, the choice is yours.

✨Open Tin Can and the magic of connection awaits!

Just like that simple string that connect two cans to make a tin can telephone, Tin Can aims to connect people and their hearts through conversation. We would love to get your feedback to better Tin Can. Get in touch with us on our social media channels:


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