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Tin Cash and Cash Out Guidelines

  • What is Tin Cash

Tin Cash is Tin Can’s way of sharing what you have contributed at Tin Can.

Tin Cash is a unique profit share program where you take 65% of the digital gift amount that you have received during your live and recorded sessions. All digital gifts that you received will be calculated into Tin Cash. When you have accumulated enough Tin Cash valued more than $100, you are eligible for Cash Out.

Think about Tin Cash as a way to earn income through the support of your fans, friends and listeners. You can also think of Tin Cash as the perfect incentive to improve your shows and be motivated to produce better recordings.

Download your Tin Can app here.
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  • Cash-out Guide

The Cash-Out process must be done on Tin Can's website using a computer.

You can apply for Cash Out when you have accumulated $100 or more in Cash Value.

Before starting the Cash Out process, please have your full name, address, and social security number ready.

This information is required for tax regulations purposes.

Cash Out payments includes wire transfer and check. However, the check option is only available for U.S. residents.

  • Cash Out Process
    1. Find out if you are eligible to Cash Out by clicking on the Tin Cash icon in your Profile on the Tin Can app. You can apply for Cash Out when you have accumulated $100 or more in Cash Value.

    2. If you are eligible to Cash Out, please log into your account on [] using a computer.

    3.  After logging in, click on your Username in the top right corner and select Cash Out.

 4. Submit your personal and tax information to the Verification Center to begin the process. Please make sure your information is accurate as you won’t be able to make changes on the website after submission.


*You only need to submit the information once.
*If you’ve selected a country of residence that is outside of the United States, you will be required to fill out a foreigner form.
*It will take up to 15 business days to Tin Can to verify your information.


5. Once we’ve verified your information, you will receive an email confirmation and you may begin the Cash Out process. If we are unable to verify your information, you will need to re-submit the application.

6. After logging in, go to Cash Out Home and select Cash Out. Then, choose the amount you’d like to Cash Out.


7. For Cash Out payment options, you can select wire transfer or check. The check option is only available for U.S. residents.


8. After confirming all information in the Cash Out Review page is correct, you can click on the [Cash Out] button to complete the Cash Out process. 

9. Wire transfer or check payments will be sent out on the last Friday of the month. 

  • There are some rules to apply to the Cash Out process.

You must be over 18 years old to be able to Cash Out.

  • Sharing Profit:

Tin Cash is shared with Tin Can prior to cashing out, at a 65:35 ratio, where Tin Casters take 65%, after the 30% App Store fee. Tin Can is developed by talented engineers and designers. They run on servers and need further managing activity to deliver the best service we can. The shared profit will cover the developing and servicing fees. Profit Share rate can be changed due to various circumstances.

For any questions and issues, please contact us at

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