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Tin Coin and Tin Can Store Guidelines

​1. What is Tin Coin
  • Tin Coin is the virtual currency program you can utilize within Tin Can service.You can purchase, manage and utilize Tin Coin the way you want.Tin Coin program consists of purchasing part and also the bonus part.

  • You can purchase the Tin Coin and $1 will give you 100 Tin Coins. You will get a bonus if you spend $100 purchasing Tin Coins.You can also receive bonus Tin Coin for a variety of activities within Tin Can.

  • With the Tin Coin, you can purchase any digital gifts of your choice through the Gift Store, and send them to your favorite host in any Live and Recorded sessions.

  • You can re-charge your Tin Coin at any time as well. Occasionally we give you some free Tin Coins so that you can try them out before you make your purchase.

  • By using the Tin Coins to purchase and send the digital gifts to your favorite hosts, you will find that you will be more noticeable and thus enjoy a closer bond with the host. You can also use Tin Coins to get digital gifts to express yourself better and send specific messages to your friends and listeners.

  • Download your Tin Can app here.
    Android Phone


2. What is Tin Can Store (An Overview)
  • We created the Tin Can Store in hopes to connect Tin Casters (creators) and Tin Fans (listeners) on a more personal and meaningful level. The Tin Can Store is a fun and engaging way for listeners to show support to their favorite Tin Casters. With Tin Can Store, listeners can use Tin Coins to buy Virtual Gifts to show their appreciation and love for Tin Casters during Live sessions or Recorded tracks.

  • Tin Can Store is filled with Virtual Gifts, which are animated digital stickers with the price ranging from 10 Tin Coins to 10,000 Tin Coins. We are starting off with 12 Virtual Gifts in store, including Caffeine Craze, Sugary Donut, Party Pooper, Cakeception, and more. Each of them comes with a short and sweet message to cheer up the Tin Casters. New Virtual Gifts will be added every month.

  • What’s special about them is that each Virtual Gift is unique in its own way. They’re not just ‘an item’ to buy and send. Every one of them has its own unique personalities and emotions. They can help you express your feelings and thoughts, and most importantly, your love and support for your favorite Tin Casters.

  • Using the Tin Can Store is easy. Simply click Tin Can Store icon, choose your favorite Virtual Gift, purchase it with Tin Coins, and send it through the chat box just like you’d send a regular emoticon.

  • For Tin Casters, this is a great way to be recognized by your listeners and also get direct reward from Tin Fans. By having a way to earn monetary compensation from your shows, Tin Casters will be able to make a career out of creating popular audio content on Tin Can.

3. How it works
  • Users need to purchase Tin Coins in order to buy Virtual Gifts in the Tin Can Store. $1 will give you 100 Tin Coins and $100 will give you 10,000 Tin Coins, and so on. Once you have purchased Tin Coins, you can buy the Virtual Gifts inside a Live session or Recorded track. You can go to the Tin Can Store by clicking on the blue gift box on the bottom right corner.

  • Once you’ve picked and bought a Virtual Gift, click the Send button and you will see it in action on the screen. Everyone including the Tin Caster will see who sent what gift. You can send as many gifts as you wish to show your love and support.

  • Sometimes, users can get the Tin Coins through an Ad or promotion. You can use them as Tin Coins and buy Virtual Gifts with.

  • On the receiving end, Tin Caster can see a list of Virtual Gifts they’ve received in the history tab.

On the receiving end.png
4. Definitions
  • Tin Can Store: A virtual store that has all the Tin Can Virtual Gifts. It is also a place to purchase Tin Coins.

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